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Your Finest Home Loan

Most Transparent,
Lowest Priced
Home Loan
In the current rate environment,
BrokerPro offers even more value to homeowners
with a credit score of 740 or higher.
Contact us to find out how.

                There is no other company like BrokerPro Mortgage.  If you have good credit, BrokerPro is unbeatable for your home mortgage loan. There's no reason to be in business unless you can deliver something new and better.  It's tough talk and we can back it up.   Here’s how:


                We are more automated than anyone, starting with your secure online application.  We connect directly to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac to get loan approval instead of going through several intermediate steps.  Your loan process is now so automated, we have dropped a person as processor, saving time and money.  We’re fanatics for efficiency.   Now moving faster than ever compared to banks who are understaffed and running late.


Most Transparent

                BrokerPro is a founding member of the Upfront Mortgage Broker Association.  We will show you internal industry documents to verify your loan is at the lowest rate, documents that are confidential at other mortgage companies.  We answer all your questions.  We explain all costs and fees thoroughly.


Most Aggressive Wholesale Lender

                We have an agreement with the lowest price wholesale lender in the country.  Our rates are consistently at least a quarter point below bank branches.  We have no administration fee.  No processing fee for typical loans.  You will work with one person through the entire loan process, not two or three.  We also have a service to follow interest rates closely on your behalf in order to identify the best times to lock your loan.

                BrokerPro Mortgage is a small, flexible mortgage company located in the heart of Portland’s downtown financial district.  We concentrate on good credit loans and cater to the special needs of the savvy home owner for purchase or refinance.  We know you want to manage your home loan and feel confident you have the best price.

BrokerPro Mortgage:
Your Reward for Good Financial Management


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