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You Can Join These Happy Borrowers and Real Estate Agents

          Wonderful! Michael, thank you so much for the help! It has been such a pleasure working with you.
                                                                               Zhongyi Nie, Portland

        Michael Dolan from Broker Mortgage Pro did an excellent job of shepherding our mortgage through a unique set of circumstances. We are very satisfied with the result.


                                                                              Todd and Pamela Reed, Eugene


        I was lucky having Michael as my mortgage broker/helper. Frankly, I didn't feel very comfortable dealing with a person on the web site in the beginning, but Michael was very honest, friendly and efficiently in my case. My case was closed in three weeks. The fee I paid at closing was even ~12% lower than the estimation he gave me. During the process, Michael kept informing me the status, reminding me of something I should pay attention to, and also letting me know what the next step would be. He always answered my stupid questions promptly and patiently. I'd like to highly recommend Michael to my friends/colleagues who are considering refinance. Michael is a person you can trust.

                                                                                     Mark Tung, Hillsboro

           Michael helped us secure a loan at a very competitive rate, just as the rates were going up.  He was prompt in replying to emails, and the whole process was painless.

                                                   Mathys Walma, Hillsboro
            I used the services of Michael Dolan of BrokerPro Mortgage to recently refinance my home loan.  I would recommend Michael to anyone who is looking to get or to refinance his mortgage for the following reasons:
            He explained the loan process in great detail. He used technology (YouTube videos) embedded in his e-mail message to explain the various options/ terminology of the loan process.
             He broke down the cost of the loan to the lowest level showing the impact of taking cash out versus locking for 30 versus 45 days on the closing costs.
            He delivered what he promised: no closing costs at the locked interest rate and
            Most important, his quote was as good or better than most of the competing bids I looked at.
                                                                      John Lobo, Portland

It has been a very pleasant experience to work with Michael. He always keeps us well-informed on every update, and we are able to get a very good rate. Whenever we have some question for Michael, we can get our answer within 24 hours. Both my husband and I are very pleased that we have chosen Michael as our loan broker.  Thanks,

                                                  Junwen Wu, Portland


Michael kept me regularly informed on the progress of the loan, returned my calls quickly, and clearly explained my options. He's a pleasure to work with, so much so that I recommended him to someone before my loan closed!

                                                          Daniel McClelland, Portland

Thanks for all your help with the refi.
Working with Michael on my home load was very enjoyable.  I particularly appreciated his responsiveness and openness.  I always knew where we were in the process and felt as though we were working as a team.  Michael helped make a potentially stressful process go very smoothly.

                                                     Greg Zuro, Portland



Mike was able to get me a 30 yr. fixed with an excellent interest rate, even though I have a non-traditional income source.  He worked with me long-distance, and made the process very smooth.

                                                     Deanne Comito, Happy Valley


Thanks for making the process so pleasant.  It's never been so clear before.

                                                     Dennis McClelland, Portland



Who knew going through the refinance process could be so straight-forward and stress free!? Michael was awesome! I was able to go through the whole process without even missing any work time, except for the hour or so it took to sign the closing papers, and even for that, the closing company Michael uses offered different times and locations to make it as easy as possible. Whenever I had a question, I emailed it to Michael and received a very quick, understandable, and honest answer. I was able to fax or upload the necessary information through a Web site, so I didn't even need to leave my desk for most of it. My interest rate is low, the fees reasonable and I understood what they all were up-front. The whole process only took about a month and that was including holiday time. Michael followed up at every step to make sure closing went smoothly and continued to track the new loan until it showed my first loan was closed / noted as paid in full.

                                                                   Deanne Deuermeyer, Beaverton, OR


Thank you so much for checking in with us and helping us through the refinance process. We did receive the escrow check in a timely manner.

We will definitely recommend you to everyone we know who needs financing!
         Neviana Petkova, Eugene

Working with Michael was wonderful! He did a great job staying on top of all the paperwork and providing clear, complete, and timely answers to all my questions.  He went the extra mile to make sure I was informed about everything that was going on at every step of the process. I wouldn't hesitate to use him again, or recomend him to my friends.
  Kevin Gotze, Hillsboro

As first-time home buyers, we did a lot of research to ensure that we were educated about the process and wouldn't be taken advantage of. We found the idea of "Upfront Mortgage Brokers" appealing and were pleased to learn that Michael lived up to the reputation. He was patient with our many questions, quick to respond to emails and got us a fantastic rate. The process was relatively smooth, but even when we hit a few bumps, Michael worked hard to fix the problems and keep us informed. He is a man of integrity, and we'd recommend him in a heartbeat. Thanks, Michael, for guiding us through the muddy waters of first-time home ownership! We do appreciate your time and attention and patience. Thanks again,
          Maureen Manning and Rainer Helmke, Beaverton, Oregon
We chose BrokerPro to handle our refinance after a lot of research because of the 'upfront' way of doing business. After getting all of our documentation in order, we merely waited, hoping for rates to drop. They hovered close to our goal for a few weeks, then Michael's knowledge and experience paid off and we were able to catch a quick dip in the rates that made our goal! Communication was excellent throughout the process. We'll be recommending BrokerPro to others for sure!
          Angela & Erik Ingermann, Beaverton, OR

Thanks again for your perseverance with our refinancing. It's nice that our time and effort is paying off. I won't hesitate to again provide you with referrals.
          Marla Piper & Chris Piper, Bend

The two things I look for in a mortgage broker are good rates and good communication and Michael Dolan excels at both - he will work hard to
find you a low rate, he's upfront about the costs involved and he's great about keeping you updated during the process and answering all of your questions quickly and thoroughly. Thanks!
Thank you, and thank you for your help during the process. You made it all very easy and convenient, and I appreciate that. I'll be sure to pass your name along to anyone buying or refinancing. 
          Lila Tene, Portland & Mt. View, CA

Thank you for your help during the process. You made it all very easy and convenient, and I appreciate that. I'll be sure to pass your name along to anyone buying or refinancing.
          Bonnie Popivchak, Portland

Everything went extremely well. I never expected the process of our refinancing to go this easily, especially from my previous experiences and the way the economy is right now. As I told you on the phone, I inquired with several banks, including the bank where I do all my banking prior to selecting you to assist us. They were friendly, but not very informative or nearly as helpful. I found you online through upfront brokers, and I have to admit, even after I did several days of research, I was nervous to take the next steps of filling out the application online. I am very glad I did. You have been wonderful to work with. You answered every question I asked and didn't ask, but still wanted to know. You were diligent and upfront in everything. What you said, you did. I understood the whole process, and for me this was very important. We will gladly recommend you to all our friends and to anyone who is serious about finding financing in the future. If the need should arise for us as well. Thank you again, it was a great pleasure working with you.
          Ron & Patti Jacobs, Gresham, OR

I just wanted to take a second to thank you for all the work you did in getting us a loan! We're looking forward to moving in this weekend. Thanks so much.
          Jean Redrejo, Forest Grove, Oregon

Michael was very professional and upfront about everything. He really gave excellent advice when asked. I strongly recommend him because of his honestly and his deep understanding of this industry.
          Arturo Pinedo

Mike found the best rate for my rental house near Lincoln City. I was very pleased with his tenacity. 
          Kathleen Van Sandt, San Francisco, California

It was a pleasure to work with Mike Dolan on our loan application. I greatly appreciated the flavor of the "Upfront Mortgage Broker" process that he brought to the table. He was always there for me when I needed him. He stayed on top of my issues and generally provided a very high level of service. The best part of the service I appreciated was the transparency he provided into a process which is normally hard to see through. Thanks, Mike. We greatly appreciated working with you throughout the process. 
          Manoj and Jackie Garg, Beaverton, Oregon

It's been a pleasure! You've been a great help. Thanks again for all of your help with this process. Your patience, diligence, and expertise have been invaluable to a couple of first time homebuyers like Astrid and myself. Additionally, we are both very pleased with the loan (and relieved, as well), and really appreciate your keeping our best interests in mind throughout this process. 
          Matthew Wiley, Portland, Oregon

Many thanks for your good work and good communication. We will be recommending you to others 
          Dr. Jack Van de Water, Corvallis, Oregon

Throughout the process of buying our home, Michael kept us informed, updated and comfortable. In that sense, we felt he was working for us, a rarity among today's mortgage brokers. 
          Dominic Sandri, Hillsboro, Oregon

This worked out great with no problems and I’m happy with the rate. I’m glad I called and if I know anyone else who needs a mortgage I will recommend you. 
          David Hosley, Portland, Oregon

We are really pleased with our loan. We really enjoyed working with Mike on our refinance. Even when there were small hiccups because of our situation Mike handled all the problems quickly and kept us informed. The best part was the cost. The fees were ALL disclosed upfront and they never changed. There weren’t any hidden fees or bait-and-switch games played like we’ve experienced with other mortgage brokers. We will definitely use Mike again if we need any more loan services. 
          Josh and Andrea Crawford, Vancouver, Washington

I appreciate the professionalism, and the focused contact throughout the process. As the close of escrow approached, your interest in assuring I understood the ramification of market developments, and alternatives open to us, was very helpful. While I would like to say I plan never to move again, I know better than that...and when the time comes, I will plan to use BrokerPro.
          Mike and Lynn Fiedler, Portland, Oregon

We REALLY APPRECIATE you staying on top of this transaction. We have never had a lender who communicated so much with us. You are AWESOME!! Keep up the good work,
          Rhonda & BIL, ERA Freeman & Associates

Last summer my wife and I decided to consolidate some debts and refinance the mortgage on our house to take advantage of what seemed to be the end of super-low interest rates. I’ve known Mike Dolan for a long time but I’d never worked with him in a professional setting. We made the right choice when we asked him to help us. In an era of internet spam/scams and phone “customer service” lines with lots of “options” but nobody home, Mike offers something unusual and classic: real personal service and assistance. Large financial transactions tend to make me very nervous. I often feel I’m about to make a commitment without enough information and that my haste or inability to sort through confusing details, will come back to haunt me. Mike sensed this unease and did his best to explain each step and our options at that point. He probably could have spent less time with us and more on a larger account or hunting up new customers. However Mike truly gave us his time, attention ,and honest advice. I would recommend his services to anyone looking to buy or refinance. 
          Mike and Carla Cullerton, Portland

Just wanted to thank you for your professionalism & undying devotion to getting me the financing package that best suited my needs. Being a Custom Homebuilder & Remodeler presented you with some unique challenges that you powered thru, and made the sometimes frustrating process of refinancing a "pleasure" to work with you!
I will gladly recommend you to my clients, and will enjoy working with you again in the future! Thanks so much for creating a "trusting environment" to go thru. 
          Jeffrey Grimes, Grimes Development Corp.

Thank you for helping us placing our mortgage. I know I asked a lot of questions and required a lot of your time but everything went smoothly. You may be interested to know that I talked to another Broker who was trying to get my business and when I told him the interest rate and closing fees, he suggested that it was too good to be true. All was as you said it would be and I appreciate it. 
          John Casper, Bellevue, Washington

We chose to work with Mike based on a recommendation from the 'mortgage professor' who cited Mike as an Upfront mortgage broker. Chris and I were very happy we made that decision as Mike was consistently responsive and thorough in providing us the information we needed to select the best loan possible.  When the need arises again for home financing we'll choose to work with Mike and with confidence, we refer him to friends and family for their financing needs. 
          Marla Polenz and Chris Piper, Madras, Oregon

I've done several loans before. This was the smoothest I've ever had. We've had different experiences with other lenders in past 
          Leslie Johnson, Beaverton, Oregon

Thank you for find me the loan I needed to refinance my tri-plex. I tried several other people who could not help me but you got just what was needed.
          Guadalupe Ramirez, Fresno, California

Michael Dolan has been extremely helpful in getting the loans I needed to acquire investment properties. He has been quick to respond and very easy to work with while seeking the best deals for me. 
          Dennis Duke, Jacksonville, Florida

You can count on Michael Dolan to provide professional advice and timely support for all your mortgage needs. He found the best rates, and appropriate terms for my investment property loan.
          Bill R. Scharwatt, Portland, Oregon

Mike, thanks for doing so much to keep me informed especially as we got near the close. 
          William Campos, Portland, Oregon

I couldn't believe the fast and easy program was really so fast and easy. I'll be sure to mention it to other people. 
          Richard Schmidt, Vancouver, Washington

And more on the way.

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